Twitter and the Importance of Digital Citizenship

I selected this tweet from Vicki davis because I found it simple and sweet, with a good message behind it. I enjoyed the new word she listed, “teachnology” because it’s precisely what we’re learning and discovering each week in class. Technology is new to most people and is at the forefront of everything we do. Teachers need to teach technology and we (as aspiring teachers) need to learn technology so we can pass along the torch. I think this message is valuable for other educators because many teachers aren’t familiar with technology and need to dip their beek in technological waters. To my future students, I would like to offer numerous resources to social media websites and offer instruction on how to use them. Diversifying their technological portfolios will open up new worlds and prepare them for the future as new technologies are being created every single day.

I am a fan of this tweet because it highlights a specific point of view from one individual. Frankly, there isn’t one true definition of what it means to be a digital citizen, so this caught my eye. I couldn’t agree more with the idea that being a digital citizen involves our “behavior” as well as our interactions and connections with others online. I think this tweet could be beneficial to other educators because it can be a tool to remind students that they should utilize the internet and its resources to “connect and create” as Shannon mentioned. Students can really discover a lot about their peers and themselves by being digital citizens and in the future, I want to convey that to my students too.

I like this last tweet because it focuses on the idea that technology must be used by people when they want to. Teachers need to realize this- if students don’t feel comfortable using certain social media or online resources to convey their ideas, they shouldn’t have to. For example, if a teacher asks students to make a Facebook post about topic X and share it with the class, some students might not want the entire class looking at their profile or even knowing their views because it may cause anxiety (just one example). I found this valuable because I believe that in order for people to be passionate about anything, they must like it and want to be involved. As a teacher, I would want to allow students to have a lot of liberty in how they accomplish and create online assignments so their assignmnets can be tailored to their individual interests and likes.


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